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Sep 7, 2011 8:30am PDT
. and american dance therapist bonnie bernstein is also staying a few days out of her three-week schedule in korea... with tourists from japan... at another hanok guest house named manaedang... to truly experience the traditional culture of korea. english "it's peaceful. and i love walking out of my room in the evening and looking up at the stars, because it's so indoor-outdoor. and it's very pleasant, and you do get a feeling of the history of korea when you stay here, very different than the other hotel." a couple from france also expressed their satisfaction with a night spent at this hanok guest house, especially the cuisine. english "the food was very good, and the small scenery at this garden is very, very relaxing. so, we enjoyed a lot the dinner here, the traditional korean dinner. the night coming slowly, the lights in the garden, it was very nice." according to the jongno district office, there are nearly 30 traditional korean-style guest houses in the bukchon area of seoul alone. the cost to stay at these guest houses varies from place to place... from 60- thousand all the way
Sep 7, 2011 7:00am EDT
for help. let's get to the phones. bonny, new jersey. caller: i like to ask about the crisis we face with the shortage of generic drugs, a lot of them used for chemotherapy, and other serious drug problems. it is wonderful that we're creating new drugs, but if we are dying because we cannot get the drug said have already been created -- i think a big problem is, i just do not understand. there were 178 drug shortages in 2010, up from 157 the year before, and only 55, which is more than it should be, five years prior. we're getting parts from china -- hip replacements, knee replacements, people going through surgery and winding up worse off than they were. before we start innovating, we should maybe get a handle on what we have. host: here is a story from "the new york times." we had a doctor last week talking about how cancer drugs were in short supply. doctors are coming up empty. guest: it is a serious problem the doctor has put forth clearly in terms of the -- problem. the caller has put it forth clearly in terms of a shortage. they're not entirely drugs for cancer, but oftentimes
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2